Stirring the Pot

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thursdayI am sitting here laughing at the ironies of life. My girlfriends were all shocked when they found out I had left Idi. All had the same stance, “how you gon’ leave a man that fine?” Looks have nothing to do with it..nothing at all. It is that vengeful streak that runs through that man…the desire to have the last word…to strike the final blow…that’s what I can’t stand about him. Today was no different.
Idi: That was a nice speech Part’nuh, I’m certain you practiced it well before coming up here.
(Dman attempts to say something, but Idi holds up his hand).
Idi: I gave you the floor and listened to your fairy tale, do me the courtesy of hearing the reality.
(I see Dman’s jaw clench. Idi glances at me lying in the hospital bed).
Idi: Olivia is great at playing victim, but keep in mind, I didn’t get her pregnant by throwing up on her.
(I shift in the bed trying to sit up to stop the ugliness that is going to come out of his mouth next).
Idi: Hold fast Baby, keep your seat. I want to stand right here so I can see both of your faces when I say what is coming next.
Dman: Make your point, Idi!
Idi: My point is, she never tells the whole story. It is going to be hard as hell to marry her and give my child your last name, especially since she is still married to me.
(If he could have dropped the mic, he would have. Idi picked his coat up off the chair and walked out of the room- leaving me there to face an obviously, highly pissed off Dman).
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