Conclusion to the Series

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hashEverything I had been wanting to say, everything I’d needed to say to this man in the order I wanted to say it had been stolen from me. Like a thief in the night, Idi once more had snuck in and overshadowed my dreams. He wasn’t going to win this time.
Me: David, can you hand me my purse? (Idi must have brought it to the hospital with me and left in the chair. Dman said nothing as he carried the bag with his lips still tight).
Me: I can explain, but let me show you instead. (From the bag I pulled out a well-worn manila envelope).
Me: These are the divorce papers I have been carrying around for 9 months, trying to get him to sign them. This is why I would go to him each time he called, hoping the Pharos’s heart wouldn’t be hardened and he would let me go.
Dman: And the pregnancy?
Me: …I was stupid. It was the oldest trick in the book. (I shrug it off because I stopped crying about it a long time ago). He called me over…said he would sign…in exchange…he wanted one last time as my husband.
(Dman’s disgust was evident).
Me: Yeah. I am with you. I am disgusted with myself. I feel even dumber because he never wanted to be my husband, but to own me, possess me like I was one of the toys in his collection. Each time I saw a means to get clear…
Dman: So what’s the plan?
Me: Same plan as before. I am moving on with my life. (I put the papers back in my bag). Right before I met you I‘d already decided he had no more power…then along comes you…everything a gal could want in a man…I was fighting falling in love with you…
Dman: Fighting it? Olivia, this makes no sense.
Me: When someone has controlled your life for nearly four years David, you don’t want to try anything, because I know, he is going to find a way to suck all the joy from me.
(He moved over to the bed, sitting on the side).
Dman: I came in here with a goal. I am still set on that plan. If you will have me, I will move all of your stuff this weekend and the day after the ink is dry on the finalized papers, I plan to marry you.
Me: Really? After everything…you still want a life with me…this child?
Dman: Yes. I love you and there is no dragon too big for me to slay.
(Tears start to roll down my face as he leans forward and wipes them away with his thumb).
Dman: Why are you crying?
Me: Because I never thought I would have the happily ever after.
Dman: Now you do… (He stares deeply into my eyes). Is there something you want to say to me?
(The smile on my face is so wide, so bright, and so magnetic, he begins to grin as well).
Me: I love you. I love you so much it hurts sometimes…
(He pulls me into his arms, kissing me with the promise of a very bright life together).
That’s all I ever wanted… to be happy.

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