Week 1: World Building

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I am not teaching much this year, so  I decided to do a 10 part series online in my writing group, Augusta Writers.  Yeah, that’s me.
Here is the schedule. I will post the materials on my FB page and share them here as well. Have a wonderful new Year. Here’s to a new Writing You!
January: World Building
February: Plotting
March: Storyboarding
April: Main character development
May: Setting
June: Conflict
July: Supporting characters, foils, villains
August: Chapter Plotting
September: Themes, motifs & word play
October: Resolutions that work
November: We write
December: Professional Editing

Week 1: World Building

Week 1: World Building.   Today, I want you to begin sketching where your novel is taking place. If it is in a company, an apartment, a department store or the Nakatomi Headquarters, we need to know how many floors and where the action takes place.
You can download a workbook here if you need something physical to look at and guide you.
Understanding where the action takes place is critical to the story.
If the character lives in a two bedroom cabin, we are talking hardwood floors and maybe a well that freezes over in Winter.
If the character lives in a high-rise building in Mid Town Manhattan, the likelihood of knowing her neighbors in slim.
If your main character lives in a small made up town. then the probability of them knowing their neighbors and having a workable relationship is feasible.
Where does your story take place.  This is the world in which you mush build.
Is it something elaborate where the character is taking on a quest that travels over a continent like Middle Earth; then you need a map.

Middle Earth, from The Hobbit by Tolkien.
Or is the world in which your character resides on that is open, with the forest as a backdrop being a character itself?
Let us begin…

Skyline of a modern city
Where does your story take place.  Keep it simple to start and the rest of the month we will tweak it and make it better.