Staying Positive When Negativity Comes at You

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It is difficult in this day and age to stay positive and upbeat about anything since so much nonsense comes at you each day. If you have a smartphone, a tablet, a TV, a radio or any contact with the outside world, it is almost guaranteed that some bullsh*t is going to get dropped on your doorstep. Why?  Because people love drama.

Last week, as I strolled through my FB feed, my Twitter feed and my Instagram, I found myself agitated.  I listened to some woman rant about being someone side piece and going to the dead man’s funeral.

Yeah, let that sink in.

I deleted my Instagram account.

I went into my personal FB page and culled it down to people I actually interact with on a regular basis.  My personal friends on FB is now down to 100 people.   You know what?  I no longer have images of people fighting on World Star Hip Hop, or side pieces pulling out weaves, because the people in my actual circle don’t watch that stuff because they don’t care.

Neither do I.

I personally don’t want to watch any kitchens chasing a light either, but that beats viewing two people fighting over a dead man who was cheating on them both. I will not allow this into my head.

It is toxic.

It is futile.

I deserve better.

I am turning it off, scrubbing the feed and basking in how much better I feel.  My Twitter feed and FB feeds are now full of positive images and messages.  I feel so much better. I think you will as well once you do the same.