Fear the Walking Dumbness

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If there was ever a sign that our cellphones have turned us into non-communicative idiots, please tune into AMC’s Fear of the Walking Dead.  The irony is the walking dead are the live people who have obviously lost the ability to communicate with each other as humans. Further, it would appear, based on this show, that the ability to reason has also evaded the grey matter of these Los Angelenos. Personally it is my belief that the gaseous vapors escaping from the San Andreas fault is affecting them as well. If there is a man in your house eating a dog, then it stands to reason, you are not going to be able to have a rational conversation with that sumbitch! Stop trying.  I wanted to yell at him, go sit your ass in the corner Travis!

Madison Clark epitomizes the same type of dumbness.  She still has not told her daughter what is going on even as their neighbor Sue is standing at the fence, which is in dire need of repair, trying to get through the wood to eat them.  Her drugged out son has stolen Sue’s medication, granted she is not going to need it any more, but damn dude, let Sue get all the way cold.

This show, designed to be a palate wetter for the return of The Walking Dead in October, however, I fear it may be having the opposite effect. I found myself sitting there cheering for Sue to bust down that damned fence to eat these morbidly stupid people.  And this is one of the points I lost hope in this show.  Travis, Madison and the kids are in the car, they are about to get away from all the nonsense, when she sees Sue’s husband heading home.  Instead of calling the man, she turns her car around to go warn him.  Instead of stopping him from going into the back yard, she is standing there like an idiot trying to rationalize with him.  He sees his wife looking sick and he goes to embrace her, and boom!  Infected.

Now everyone is quarantined and no one can get away. Go sit your ass down Madison!

After a while, it is predictable, trite, contrived and a yawner.  Tune in on Sunday nights on AMC for a moving feast of stupid. Here is preview of Sunday’s show. Yeap, Madison still being dumb.