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Ranking The Best TV Shows Of The Summer, So Far

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I have been watching but I have not been reviewing.



It may often feel like the summer has been a TV wasteland because most of the attention has been focused on True Detective, which has been met with mixed reviews, to put it kindly. Beyond True Detective, however, there have been a number of excellent series this summer, although most of them have been flying under the radar. You might have to work a little harder to seek them out, and, in many cases, the Internet hasn’t been on top of some of these series as much as it should have been, but there are some great TV shows airing.

I’ve taken the liberty of ranking the 10 best series post-Game of Thrones, though I am mindful that HBO’s David Simon series Show Me a Hero could very top everything on this list, and Fear the Walking Dead — out later this month — still perhaps qualifies…

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10 ways to say hello in Colombia

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Working on a new story and it requires lots of research.

Transatlantic Adventure

Many of you have probably seen the posts I’ve written for Uncover Colombia dealing with Colombian slang. Today, I want to talk about common ways to greet people in Colombia, specifically, common ways to say “hello.”

Colombian Greetings

1. “¡Hola!”

This is probably the most basic form of greeting in Colombia, and most likely the most common greeting taught in any basic level Spanish class. You’ll definitely hear this greeting being used in Colombia, but I don’t know if I’d say it’s the most common greeting among Colombians.

2. “Buenas”

“Buenas,” on the other hand, is perhaps the most common way of greeting someone in Colombia, and I highly doubt it’s on the list of greetings taught in your average 101 Spanish course. I am not sure how “buenas” started as a greeting, but I would take a gander that it’s a shortened version of the standard greetings mentioned in #3 below.


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5 ways to save at grocery store without clipping coupons

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Always looking for ways to save.

FOX31 Denver

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DENVER — Who doesn’t like the feeling of saving a few extra dollars when shopping?

It does take work … from clipping coupons to shopping at a few different stores just to find the best deals.

Good Day Colorado anchor Brooke Wagner shows us five simple ways to save your money at the grocery store … and it’s without the hassle of coupons.

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