Ranking The Best TV Shows Of The Summer, So Far

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I have been watching but I have not been reviewing.



It may often feel like the summer has been a TV wasteland because most of the attention has been focused on True Detective, which has been met with mixed reviews, to put it kindly. Beyond True Detective, however, there have been a number of excellent series this summer, although most of them have been flying under the radar. You might have to work a little harder to seek them out, and, in many cases, the Internet hasn’t been on top of some of these series as much as it should have been, but there are some great TV shows airing.

I’ve taken the liberty of ranking the 10 best series post-Game of Thrones, though I am mindful that HBO’s David Simon series Show Me a Hero could very top everything on this list, and Fear the Walking Dead — out later this month — still perhaps qualifies…

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