Nothing Like a Vacation to Clear the Mind

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I don’t know about, you, but I feel better.11026269_10153207927929443_8405209169477693865_o Hubby and I with Miami as a backdrop.11051940_10153207928834443_5676241036603524465_o

Hanging out in Curacao.11080760_10153207927684443_6872226380873874497_o

Okay, so I have a thing for scarves.11094762_10153207928184443_7923394803619330774_o

Well, guess where I am?11096410_10153208135424443_5851384910257510047_oWatching the sunrise over Aruba.  Later that day we did some snorkeling.

Now, you feel better too.  Up next, some really good food.