Paying or Rewarding for Reviews

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I have recently noticed an online trend of #indie authors paying for reviews.  I have even seen several that have reward programs for reviewers. Yes, you write a review, the author gives you something.

I hate this practice.

It lessens the credibility of the author as well as other indie authors. So do the online publishers.  Amazon put a stop to authors gifting readers with free copies in order to get a review.  If you gift a copy of your book to a reader, that reader can not post a review on that same book.  I like this.

You want the reviews, EARN them.

If your sales are not equaling your reviews then head back to the drawing board and figure out what is not resonating with the readers in your stories.  I know for a fact if they love the story, hate the story or are hovering in the middle of the road, readers will post a review.

Here is the math.  If you sold 150 copies and only have 10 reviews were posted then people are not finishing your books.

It is time to work on the cliffhanger.

Each chapter should end with a little…ooohh!.  You know…a say what now? Moment that makes the reader want to get to the next chapter.tumblr_inline_n0hjkybdid1ruu1m9

Next, work on your wordsmything. Instead of writing, “Ella gazed longing into his eyes…” Yeah, I know pretty boring.  Try this.

Ella stood there, rooted to the spot where her feet seemed to be adhered to the floor.  Uncertain of whether to move forward or take off running, she stared back at him with a longing she had never known. She felt so stupid because she knew exactly how she was gazing into his eyes which shimmered like two pools of liquid sapphires.  Her Grandpa Joe, who was a diabetic, usually had that same look on his face when he stood at the pastry counter in the Amish bakery.  One thing Ella did know, she had it bad for Luke, and the stupid look on her face just confirmed it for him as well. “Well,” Luke murmured into her ear. “You going to kiss me or just drool on me.”

Writing for a living is hard.  You have to stay fresh which also means you have to get out there, meet other authors, take some classes and hone your craft.  Paying and rewarded readers for reviews is no-no.