How about a Different Kind of Christmas Story?

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Last year I wrote a sweet Christmas story about a little girl who wanted a Mommy for Christmas.  I call that my nice Christmas story.

This year, I wrote a naughty one with a twist.

I played with the idea of having your dad as the Mall Santa.  A man that was so enamored with Christmas, that for 30 Days his family lost him while he spread his holiday cheer.

1513831_1562802213952699_1644492238748395924_nBut, of course, you are dealing with me and warped sense of storytelling.

Big Charlie Pines knew his days in the Santa suit was almost over. His one wish was to make his son believe in the power of Christmas before his eyes closed for the last time. With the help of his favorite elf, Patience, together, they would restore Nick’s faith.

Patience Miller wasn’t sure what Sana wanted her to do to help his son, but she often taught the children at her orphanage to always have hope. She had a plan and she hoped it would work. Only if she could get Nick to believe in the magic of Christmas.

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Have a wonderful Christmas.