Dr. Phil Shares: 8 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Overeating

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Yeah, up yours Doctor Phil- you haven’t tasted my cooking.

Dr Phil McAllister @ Forward Health Guelph

8 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Overeating

Face it, for many of us, the house of good nutrition has been built on a shaky foundation. As much as we’ve learned to eat right and enjoy healthier foods, decadence looms like a California tremor, waiting to ruin everything we’ve worked so hard for.

And guess what, kids? It’s earthquake season! Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Ramadan, the list goes on—all at once! As usual, Beachbody is here with swell how-to-get-through-it articles. But in this one, instead of focusing on the entire stretch, let’s discuss that one day when it all happens, when all the relatives come over and that big meal is laid out. In the name of political correctness, we’ll call this day Irophh Day, for Insert Religious or Patriotic Holiday Here Day.

First thing to remember is that there are only a handful of Irophh Days throughout the year, so if you eat too much, it’s not such…

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