Establishing Credibility. Calling Yourself Authoress Doesn’t Help

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Establishing credibility as an author is tough.  The stigma of being self-published is going by the wayside, since it has become a matter of dollars and sense.  But as a self-published author, are you giving yourself any credibility?

1. It bugs the crap out of me when I see someone label themselves as Authoress.  What the hell is that crap? Authors who are serious about what they are doing for a living, simple use the nomenclature of author or writer.  If I see your label of authoress, I know you are writing something I probably never want to read.  It doesn’t make you sound smart, it makes you sound narcissistic and self-indulged. Not buying your stuff.BeFunky_banner1--1_jpg

2. Your Website.  You are still on a free website with a name as long as my arm.  Your professional email address is still @yahoo.  You are a business person.  Publishing is a business.  Get a business email account.

3. You wrote one book three years ago and you are still hocking it on your Facebook page.  Good for you. What else have you written?

4. Take the time to educate yourself.  Model yourself after a successful author.  View their webpage, their social media accounts and allow that person to be your unofficial mentor.

5. Stop tagging people that don’t know you on FB.

6. Stop reviewing your own material.

7. Hire a professional cover designer or invest the money to buy a professional cover.

8. Unless you are famous, don’t put yourself on you’re your cover.  It is narcissistic. Vainglorious. And Self-centered.

9. Your FB page is a community.  Stop posting shit about buying your book.

And last but not least.

 10. Go take a class.  You must hone your skills. If you don’t your writing gets stale.

This way, you can become a talented authoress.


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    directorb said:
    October 22, 2014 at 10:07 pm

    Love this! Good stuff.

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