Day 5: The Pyramid Scheme

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day-5In grade school, we were all taught, the food pyramid and understood that we needed to eat something from each group each day to get the recommended daily allowances to make our bodies perform at optimal effectiveness. If you saw the food pyramid again, you would swear you knew it by heart. But will your heart swear you are using it correctly so that it can continue to beat?

More than likely not. We are older. We are lactose intolerant and refuse to eat dairy each day. Besides, after making yogurt in chemistry class, you swore you would never eat any more.

Unlike Day 3, where you made a list of your triggers and situations which caused you to graze, today we are looking at what you consume daily and which foods fit into which categories.


The key to weight loss is water, exercise and the right combinations of foods. What if… and hear me out, what if you mixed up the combinations and reset your fat burning clock? This is a critical step to getting healthy, understanding what you are eating wrong—and unlocking the keys of the pyramid. This is how you correct bad behavior by understanding.

Take a look at the pyramid, and write down what you eat today.

How many groups have you covered?

If you are adding too much meat for your protein and no leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits, then we know where we are going. Yes, you have some changes to make, but this is a start.

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