Class, sass and is that my ass?

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I just returned from my ___ class reunion.  Yes, it is blank.  Be like Kermit, the years are none of your business. However, what is my business is the photos which showed me how blatantly my weight has spiraled out of control. The photos prove it.

I am a big girl.

I don’t like it, so I am on a year long quest to regain my sexy.


I just had a life changing weekend! I saw some pictures of myself from behind. Good Lawd! And I had the nerve to put it in a one piece jump suit. Confidence is sexy at any size, but dat ass was not. I remember when I used to have just one. Day One of getting healthier.

So this is how it started.  It caught on.

day2logoThe Day of Honesty. It is time to take out the journals and begin a personal conversation, starting with writing down the actual number on that scale. It is also time to pull out the measuring tape to get a true circumference of your waist, thighs, arms, neck and calves. We will come back and remeasure again in two months. But, today, in your journal tell yourself why you have the extra weight and why it needs to go.

day-three-0508-lgDay Three: You are what you eat. If that is the case then I am a fatty carb. We know which foods our bodies don’t like, but we eat them anyway, because they taste so good. We are also prone to nueromunching. Yes, feeling neurotic and eating everything in the house. Today, write down the triggers which make you graze. The write down the foods you know make you bloat, gain weight, and feel meh.

So join me on my journey back to healthy.  One bad leg and bad hip a day.  I can do this! Yeah Me!

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    Young Woman in Action said:
    November 3, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    This title is awesome! It had me chuckling every time I thought about it.

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