“Contracted”: Poor Character Development Creates a Poor Story

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Character development, normally should either depict the character in a form or redemption getting better after the journey. We can even relate to a bad character who gets worse. A dumb character who only gets dumber, you are rooting for them to die. Not only die, but take his dumb friends with him. The writing is so bad, it is good, in an awful way.

True, when it comes to love and some personal relationships, we can be a bit obtuse and in denial, however the main character in this story is just dumb as hell. I don’t say that easily, I say it freely. As writers, it is our job to have the reader or viewer experience the journey of the character from point A to Point B or in this case, Point Z, but in order to understand the how, we must understand the why.
The main character, Samantha is portrayed by Najarra Townsend as a former druggie who has put her mother through the ringer and after rehab, has returned home a lesbian. Her heterosexual relationships were not that great and she has surrounded herself with people who are bound to bring her back down the road she left. Including those who want to get her high in order to copulate with her. This includes her former drug dealer, who coincidently, provide patient zero with the roofie used to knock Samantha out so he could infect her. Alice, who plays as the plucky best friend starts off the movie by getting Samantha toasted on shots. Then last but not least we have Riley, that has a hard on so big for Samantha, you can almost smell it. Here is what stinks and what the writer should have smelled before committing his vision to film.

One of the first things that Samantha character notices is wrong is her cha-cha, her cupcake, her vijay jay. As sickly as it was written in the story, that too should have stunk to high heaven. It is totally out of character for a woman, to have an infected cooter and not get it checked out. She does, but not completely. Abnormal bleeding is a red flag. A waving red flag is abnormal bleeding and an odor. A screaming soldier running at you waving a red flag is abnormal bleeding with an odor and maggots falling out of your mommy maker. Not telling your doctor that you have maggots is your love muffin is dumb as hell!

The doctor telling you to rub some cream in it when it is rotting is crazy. Especially when the veins coming up out of your pants look like you have metal poisoning! When she returns a day later to see her doctor, her fingernails have fallen off, she smells like death and have two bloodshot eyes. The doctor doesn’t see a need to quarantine this heffah? Instead you tell her to stay away from others until you get her lab results back.

Wrong. As wrong as a Baptist minister on a stripper pole in Sunday school wrong.

It would be human nature to check yourself into the hospital. It is not normal for your mother to go and get the minister. A minister who takes one look and gets the hell out the front door. Mommy, something is wrong, take her to the doctor. It just goes downhill from here. Alice, is staring at Samantha, whose teeth are now black—wait, why are your trying to make out with her? She has admitted she has been with patient zero after you tell her three times the police was looking for the man she copulated with…

contAnd to make the movie totally a mind numbing unrealistic piece of drivel, we must bring back Riley. The man who is so besotted with this woman, that he comes over, for some alone time with her. Keep in mind, it is day three and she looks like this. The room is dark and candles are burning to mask the scent of her rotten cooter, but this nasty bastard goes on in there. He even has the unmitigated gall to say, “You are so wet!” Dumbass it is a festering pool of sludge, filled with maggots and necrosis filled piles of cooter flesh! Then this dumb ass tells her, “ooh it’s tingling!” It tingling because the maggots are nibbling on your tally whacker! He withdraws and a pile of worms hits the floor. He doesn’t head for the door like a normal person, instead he heads for the bathroom. I stopped the movie.

I am also going to stop my rant.

I am a lover of the indie artist. It is the independent craftsman that creates art in its purest form without the constraints of mass marketing rules which gives us free voice and a view into a darker and deeper side of human nature. It can either be done extremely well or horrifically bad. Or a combination of the two. Today I want to take a look at character development in an indie film titled “Contracted.” As I mentioned earlier, indie films can be a combination of the good and bad. The good in this case is the plot concept.  Yeah, I know awesome concept which borders on almost brilliance. However the execution is lackluster because of the character development.

Rent this on Netflix.