Plotting: It’s Complicated

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M.C. Atwood


So, I’m writing these five new Hi-Lo books. I LOVE writing these books. They are normally super fun and quick and fairly easy to plot out. Except these! The quick and fairly easy part. Uffda.

Rarely do I do anything that isn’t complicated, which is why I loved writing these books. But here I go again. In these books, I’ve made it so that every book and every character is intertwined. Which means I can’t write just one book at a time, really–I have to write all five.

Easy peasy!

A quick word about plotting: I think plotting is unfairly maligned. Plotting, to me, is creating story, what we as writers are charged to do (how’s that for sounding mythical?).  I think it can help you keep your eye on the prize, keeping focus on your character. Plotting is also hands down one of the best revision tools we have…

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