Annoyingly Flawed Female TV Characters

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I am woman, color me annoying? Is this what we have become?

I am going to be hated for these words, but I fear the time has come for me to say them, it is time for women to sit down. I am so fed up with these tv shows featuring powerful women who propel themselves through the glass ceiling by hurling themselves into the stratosphere of confusion. And that is what it is, a big ass ball of confusion.

It is wonderful to see powerful women represented on television, but some of these women are just ridiculous. I don’t see them as role models. I see these women as people we should strive to never be like. Let’s start with the top offender.

131120172206-mpw-tv-olivia-pope-2-620xb1. Olivia Pope- Scandal. She causes more trouble than she corrects. She never sleeps, barely eats, is sleeping with a married man, and is always butting her cute little nose into places it don’t belong. I have never seen a woman more miserable than this lady. I am about to say something so sexist, I cringe at the words. Go sit down somewhere and hush up.

2. Bo- The Unaligned Fae- A Lost Girl. Okay, you are a succubus with power you have yet to tap into and you can’t get anything right. Mainly, because you act first, then find out after the fact, you are fricking wrong. Which is all the time. Jeesh Loius!

3. Temperance Brennan- Bones– She is so smart, she is stupid. The misunderstandings aren’t cute anymore; they make you look like a moron. This can be interchanged with Dr. Moira Isles and that nut job Rizzoli.

4. Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen- You have dragons that fly, why are you walking? Fly over to Kings Landing keep, spray down some fire and brimstone and yell down at them, “it’s time to move out of my house Bitches!”  It is truly a Game of Thrones, and you are missing a few playing pieces.131120165724-mpw-tv-daenerys-targaryen-620xb

5. Selina Meyer- Veep, HBO. A truly clueless woman that should not be allowed to breed. She wants to run for President?  Of What Macy’s?

6. Jessica Pearson, Suits, as managing partner, it appears as if the only thing she is really managing is chaos. Really, fire these damned people and get a staff that is credible.

7. Diane Lockhart, The Good Wife, which is about a woman, married to a cheating man, who then cheats. But Diane was denied her opportunity on the Supreme Court and now, she is plotting revenge on those who wronged her. Really, use your power for good. There are so many little girls out there you could be inspiring. ANd no one on this show is a good wife.

8. Joan Holloway, Madmen, used her titties for power gain. The rest, she used her cooch. This one, I am not too mad about, but still, she slept her way to power.


9. Those two old witches on Nashville! Change with the times, Tandy Wyatt and Rayna Jaymes. You can’t compete with young tender flesh, make music for the women your age who grew up with you.

10. Victoria Grayson on Revenge makes you hate white women. Especially the rich ones who do nothing all day but plan parties and ways to belittle people.

I know I missed a few.  Who makes your list?

Up next, television children that need to be placed in DCFS or have their asses beat.

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    A Writer With Something To Say said:
    March 28, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    Awesome! Revenge is my favorite show!

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    March 28, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    This post is superb 🙂

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