The Killing….was killed.

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It is admittedly, rather difficult to find truly intelligent programming on television, however, once in a Hunter’s Moon comes a show with all of the elements of the great classics. Enter, AMC’s, The Killing. This show has a stellar cast, intense plots and some very clever and talented acting. Too bad, it just got cancelled. I too, am heartbroken.

Set in Seattle, the dreary backdrop of a city plagued by rain, suicides and way too many transient teens, is a prime scenario for a murder to occur. Each season, and there have been three, has focused on finding the person who did the killing. Sometimes it is one person that has been killed, but this last season, the crimes were committed by a serial killer. Don’t worry, you can keep reading, I dAdd Newon’t do spoilers.

The show is gritty. It is intense. It is almost too real to watch as you begin to identify with the characters, an understanding develops in knowing that we are all in the bubble together. Either we help each other navigate the circumference of crazy, or we become hamsters in its spherical roll to our deaths.

The cast is led by Mireille Enos, who was recently cast as the wife of Brad Pitt in World War Z. The show also features Joel Kinnaman who is making a big screen mark as the new Robocop and season three’s ever so talented Peter Sarsgaard. (I feel in love with his acting ability in 8 Heads in a Duffle Bag).

What I love about this show:

Each episode is like a mini movie. The story lines are tight and intricate, the characters are taking you with them through the journey and the writing is spot on. Kinneman, is the detective who is recovering from his own demons as he attempts to stave off those who prey upon the innocent. Enos is so genius, she is broken beyond repair, but she is a great detective and a believer that there is redemption in all of us.

What I don’t like about this show:

It’s over.

Time for you to order it on demand to find out why I, and 1.7 million others are upset.


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