Challenging Your Writing Skills

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Each week on my Facebook Page, I put out weekly writing challenges.  Some of the challenges have a great deal of guidelines, but most are an opportunity to think outside of the box.  I would like to introduce you to Kennedy Taylor.  This writer has no box.

Here is the assignment: Let us write today. I would like to see your first paragraph about a man named Tim, whose car has broken down on a dark road. A good first paragraph is 5-12 sentences.

Here is his response.

Kennedy Taylor: “You’re late, Tim,” said the voice on the cell. “Where are you?” Tim sat behind the wheel of his ford Bronco II. The engine cut out and he coasted to a stop. He couldn’t see more than a few feet down the dark road, but he could now hear the ocean, the waves crashing along the beach. He could see a seagull trying to balance itself on a half-deflated volley ball
“I’m at the beach. My car just died. There’s a seagull.”
“I don’t know,” said Tim. “It’s just here flapping around.”
“Hey, asshole,” said the Voice. “I meant the car. What’s wrong with the car? I don’t care about some bird playing with a volleyball.” Tim began to sweat. They can see me? He looked around, but could only see darkness.
“Where are you?” said Tim.
“Now, Tim, we’ve been through this already. You don’t get to make demands. I have what you want, remember? Now, the car. Tell me about the car.”
“I don’t know. It just died. I was driving and it just died.” Tim pounded the steering wheel.
“You were driving and the engine died,” said the Voice. “Ok, that’s not bad. Might be the fuel injector. Look to your left” Tim complied. Now that his eyes were adjusted to the darkness he could make out the faint shape of someone wearing a coat and hat on the other side of the street. Tim let out a breath. This was it. It was about to happen, what the Voice told him HAD to happen. The coat-wearing figure began walking toward him. The figure didn’t have to look for traffic; there was none. Tim had a fleeting thought of abandoning the plan. “Ok, I don’t want to do this anymore. It’s too risky.”
“Too late,” said the Voice and ended the call. The figure stopped several feet from Tim’s car. “Get out.”
“We don’t have to do this,” said Tim, almost pleading.
“It wasn’t a request, Tim.” 
Tim got out of the car. He was wearing swim trucks and a tee-shirt. “Take that shirt off,” said the figure. Again, Tim complied. The figure walked toward him. Without thinking, Tim backed towards the car, bumping against the door. Before he could say another word, the figure reached for him and….embraced him. They passionately kissed as Tim removed the hat to reveal the face of his beautiful wife. “You’re such a scaredy-cat, Tim” she said, a twinkle in her eyes. She threw off her coat revealing a two-piece bikini underneath. “And you know I hate crowds. Come on. Let’s go” They ran towards the beach scaring away the seagull.
“Hey, Nia, take that top off, ” said Tim.
“Hey, asshole, I already told you. You don’t get to make demands, “said Nia. She kissed him again. “I love you.”
“And I love you, always,” said Tim.


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