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Humans Are Weird

For every positively fabulous thing that humans have ever done on this earth throughout history, there has always been – and will most certainly always be – an equally disastrous counterpart.

For instance:

Cure the common cold. Atom bomb.

Invent the plane. Crash it into a building.

Build up intricate, complex methods of communication. Tlk lyk dis.

Hamlet. The Secret.

Friends. Jersey Shore.

You get the idea.

However, one thing that never ceases to amaze me, is this long standing, natural human proclivity to procrastinate.

The story of “someday.”

Growing up, my parents had a philosophy that they themselves lived by puritanically. It’s not one, I don’t think, that they intentionally desired to imbue me with; but nevertheless, it was a way of thought that rubbed off on me. Kinda like a mosquito bug infects an unsuspecting traveller with malaria.

They taught me, through their actions that the day tomorrow…

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