The Indie Author’s Marketing Guide

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Dictionary Series - Politics: independentIt is that time of year, when we flock to book festivals to discover what is new, hot and trending.  There are a few indi authors out there who have registered at some festivals and decided to get a table. If so, make sure your table states that you are a professional author and are serious about your craft. Here are a few tips to help you slick up the presentation.

Website:  It is important to have a professional web page.  If you are not really computer savvy, you can create a webpage for $18 on   If you want to step up a bit and have a professional email address as well as a webpage, is good and it is only about $23.00.

Author Bio: This can be tough, but here is a website that provides a great example as well as how to write a bio that sells you, It also looks great in your bio if you belong to a writers group.  Here is a link to a list of writing organizations, some may even be free, but make sure it is in your genre. You can do an easy search on Google with these search parameters “free membership for writers,” and a great list will pop up.

Author Photo: A professional photo is important.  It establishes credibility and let people know you are serious about your craft. The iPhone photo of you in the bathroom mirror, no, no and stop that nonsense.

Business Cards:  You will come into contact with a lot of indie publishers, authors as well as people you may want to keep in touch with for a great chance to rub elbows, but you need to have a business card. Check out your local Staples and you can order some new cards that feature you as an author, for about $10.00.

Handouts: People love tables that are interesting.  Make sure you have a candy dish on your table and bring a table cloth that is eye catching, not loud and scary, but one that has some color.  You can have bookmarks, postcards that feature your book easily printed at Make sure to not use dates, so you can use the materials again. You can always personalize pens and pencils for a low cost.

Posters:  You can now have posters printed for less than $20! You can use a high resolution image of your book cover and have it printed at Walmart (will need a frame) or printed and mounted at Staples for about $10.00.

Sales:  No one can ever argue about the power of cash, but being able to take a debit card is smart business.  There are several options available to you for card readers that work on your phone.  If you have a PayPal account, there is a card reader or you can order  Remember your phone charger as well.

The crowds will come, but if you are not ready to wow them with your presentation, then they will be unlikely to invest in your work.

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