Fifty Ways to earn Additional Bucks

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This week’s my assignment was to list fifty ways I can earn additional income. This seems like a relatively easy assignment.  I cracked my knuckles and set out to work.

Okay here we go…..fifty things I can do to earn additional money. hmmmm….. okay I got it:

1)    Sell drugs….nope, illegal, plus I hate crackheads.

2)    Sell uhmmm….bad form…..moving on…..

3)    Pimp my pretty friends…..even worse form…..

Okay, what do I know how to do really well that I can make money.

Okay, starting over, here we go….


Twenty minutes have lapsed and I am headed to Google. lists 2012 Home-Based Franchise Rankings, unfortunately, these have startup cost in the six figure range.  I re-sort based on lowest startup cost, and came up with a new list, with a cruise planner having the lowest startup cost. I thought about my broke ass friends and relatives who ain’t never got no money to do nuttin at any time.  I don’t want to deal with people who have long term planning issues.

Enter new search.

I looked on and looked at the top 25 home based business ideas. Numbers one and two both pertained to exercise as a personal trainer and a yoga instructor.  I stayed optimistic and went on to number three, which was a tutor.  I can tutor, but I am not that fond of kids, and four of course was child care.  I seem to be striking out here.  Number five was business coaching, which seems stupid considering what this blog is about. Then of course follows consulting, transcription, accounting senior care, debt collecting and repossessions. Can we find something that I won’t get my ass kicked doing?

Back to the drawing board.

28. Professional Pooper Scooper

Well this is going to the dogs.

I will keep searching. These look promising.

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