Perspective is Everything

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I am a social being.  It means a great deal to me to sit over a leisurely two hour lunch with my “girls” and dine and chit chat about life.  Recently, I started taking stock of the amount of money and time that I was spending each week to have such a privilege.  I also found that I could increase my productivity and save money at the same time.

So I put it to a test.  This week, I stayed my butt at home.

I managed to finish the edits on my short story, get it to my publisher and viola it is done.  You can get it in eBook form this week on Kindle, Kobo on Nook.

I have increased my productivity.  I even met with a few clients this week and I made some pocket money.  I did not spend it right away, I held on to it.  This 90 day cash only challenge is making me think. let me share with you how much I am really giving thought to what I am doing.

I had to meet a client for lunch.  There was the salad bar option for $6.50, a fruit plate for $4.50 and of course the full meal for $7.50.  I can spend $10 on lunch, I being frugal, I’m not poor.  This is where you will be very proud of me.

I have salad at home.  I can make an Artesian salad with fresh cukes, Arugula, feta, cranberries and vine ripened tomatoes. I am only mildly hungry.  I ordered a tuna on rye with chips and water with lemon for $3.50.  This leaves $16.50 of my weekly lunch budget.  I know right! Normally, I would have indulged myself feeling as if I earned this money, I should be able to spend it anyway I want.  It’s true, I can, and I can also stay strapped.

Perspective is everything.

I am enjoying my Cash only challenge. I am learning a great deal during this 90 day process and am ready to move forward.

This week the process includes tracking my money.

Paid   in Cash Paid   by Check or Dedit Auto   Pay from Bank Account

Heading online to check my beginning of the month auto bills pay, because again perspective is everything.

What I learned about money today: Treasury Notes are called T-Notes, which earn a fixed rate of interest every six months until maturity.  You can buy T Notes and they are issued in 2,3,5,7 or ten year terms.