My New Love Affair

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Lately, I have been working so hard and some days feel as if I am spinning my proverbial wheels. I can see the progress, but mentally, it is becomes taxing. At night, when I lie down to end my day, my mind is still working. I can’t sleep.

I felt I needed a change.

I needed to be excited about going to bed.

I needed to feel as if I was going to a place of sanctuary.

So, I went out shopping for a new bed. I am officially in love, so much so, I named an inanimate object. I call him Sam.

Sam is a Sleep to Live mattress system that uses My Side Technology. This is just fancy talk that means my side of the bed is all soft and squishy and his side is firm. It is not a sleep number or anything that needs a remote control. It is a wonderful mattress that welcomes me home when I come to rest.

Sam is always ready for me.

I rest easier knowing that Sam loves me without question.  It may be time for you to re-evaluate your relationship with your bed.  May you count your sheep with ease.