What I learned about money today

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Today, I went to the grocery store with $60 cash in hand.  I had the mindset that this was all I had.  I managed to buy only the essentials to include fresh fruits and veggies, and food for  a week of meals.  I left with $24 dollars.  I learned today that my debit card is a crutch and I buy a lot of crap I don’t need, simply out of convenience.  Here is my challenge to you, take cash to the store and a few coupons, let me know how you did.what-s-next-for-digital-coupons--0c305b08f0

Today’s financial term: SEP-IRA Simplified Employee Pension.  This is a tradional IRA established by an employer for exployees.  Employer contributoions can be up to $40,000 or 25% of an employee’s annual compensation.