Thinking Rich

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I was watching Headline News and it is reported that the second question on a first date is, “what is your credit score?”

Who would have thought in such a time of loose morals, disease, and sexting, that the criteria for a solid relationship would be based upon your ability to manage your money?  As I continue through my 90 day challenge, I am forced t ask myself some hard questions about my ability to manage my own money.  It can stand to reason that if one is careless with their finances, then one is irresponsible, which can make you financially unattractive. In order to do so, I need to learn to think rich.

Based on the science of How to Live a Cash Only Life, the first cause of financial failure, is a lack of financial education.  Our mindsets about money are learned. Our “thoughts, beliefs, and feelings determine our money experience,” (page 8, Cashology). You cannot expect to be better with money if you don’t understand how it works. It is also logical to conclude that we avoid what we do not understand. You are not thinking rich, you are thinking poor.

I am a firm believer that when we want something bad enough, we find a way.  If there is a concert you want to attend in another city, three months from today, the money is saved.  The same principle can be applied if you want to be financially stable; you have to bring your money into your storehouse.  This is also Commandment Number III of the Ten Commandments of money.

You often hear that understanding money or how to save, can be mentally overwhelming, especially when there are so many needs and wants in our daily lives.  For many, even the simplicity of saving 20% of you income can be confusing.  I have made it easy for you to understand.

The top numbers in yellow are a rough two-week take home pay.  If you make $1,000 every two weeks, and you save 20% of what you make, then you will save $400 per month. That $400 per month will equal $4,800 per year and over a five-year period will total $24,000!  This does not include any interest added by the banks. Now, we are starting t think richly.


Making yourself financially more attractive is simple once you understand how.  To get started you have to make a plan, save and stick to it. You must condition your mind for financial success.  You need a healthy bank account.  I have two.  One is a separate savings account in a different bank and the other is  a working account which takes care of household needs.

Journal Entry #7: What I learned about money today:

I learned that saving money can be a game.  The winner gets to have long financial health.  I plan to be financially healthy by saving.  I am heading for a healthy storehouse.