Holiday Cash

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This holiday season I was concerned that I would not have enough money for holiday spending.  To keep on holiday-cash-salestrack with my 90 day challenge to live in cash only life I went to the bank and withdrew $150 for my holiday shopping. I know right? Most people spend that on just one gift but I was challenging myself to step outside the box. How much could I actually accomplish with this amount of money? I was about to find out because based on Commandment Number Two, states “never allow money to decide what you can and cannot do.”

I first headed to RadioShack to price an item I wanted to get for my son for Christmas. It turns out that this item was actually $90 and the five dollar off coupon that I had sadly it’s not going to be enough. I went back to the drawing board. I then decided to head over to Big Lots and look in their gift section. I found some really neat items for $5-$10 each I found two movies that my son would love to add his collection. These two items were $10 for both. I went over to the food and specialty section and I found two different sets of sauces. One set was five and the other set was $10, so for $15 I picked up two gifts for my husband. I now had four gifts and I still had $125 left. I was off to the mall, but something told me to stop by Kmart. With the Shop Your Way Rewards Program I already earned several bucks and with so many items on sale, I was able to pick up scarves and gloves for my husband and son. Once I got to the register, my items  came to $30, but I had $10 in rewards which now cost me just it $20 dollars. Cool I now have $105 left; I was smiling because maybe there’s something to this cash only thing.

So with $105 in my hand I headed over to Augusta Mall, I made out like a bandit. The Shop Your Way Rewards Program is also available at Sears, who just happened to having a dynamic sale. I had earned a few more bucks with my purchase at Kmart,  so I applied that to the man items from the manly departments in Sears.

I came home chocked-full of holiday cheer, including several books that I had picked up for a dollar each, hardbound books at that, which always make great Christmas gifts.

Journal Entry Number Five: What I learned about money today?

I learned today that my spending habits are based on my convenience. I buy things that I don’t need nor my family simply because they are convenient and I have the money to do so. The things that I buy are not necessarily the things that I or my family need, but purchase because of easy access.

Where I go from here is going to be a wonder.  Next I have to learn to better manage my storehouse which is my bank account.

I have to get because I am hosting a holiday party on a budget I will keep you posted as to how that goes, in the meantime and in between time, be good to one another and I will talk to you again after the holidays.

Have a very Mary Christmas