Entry #10: The Reader took on a fighting stance ready to challenge the Devil himself and Stoph pounced but was hindered in midair….

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377483_315727045104535_173791440_nAuusta Writers: Lilith charged at her with a fierceness that almost made her blood run cold; her hatred had not changed much over the past few millennia.  Teeth bared, fist clutched, she charged at the Writer screaming her name, “Eve, today you will die!”  The Writer jumped back avoiding the charge and smiling at the Succubus.

Is eram non dignitas is, Lilitu!” she smiled knowing this would incite Lilith to an irrational fury, the Writer laid it on thicker, “Is eram non valde intelligent!”

Lilith screamed at her now bearing claws, fangs and a tail that had a spike.  The Writer laughed, “just as I have always said Lilith, you do have a rather large ass!”

The battle between the two had quietly raged on for eons. Although if one followed the Gilgamesh Chronicles, it is believed that Lilith’s relationship with her first husband ended over a dispute over sexual positions, the Writer knew it to be false. The relationship between Lilith’s first husband ended because of the sheer possibility of the existence of her. Created from idealism, or a rib of chance, she was brought forth into the world as a help mate; to populate a world that was once dark.

Lilith’s purpose was unclear. While the lilim that were bore from the Succubus infiltrated the world of man with stories of demons that came at night to feed on the blood and passions of men. Senoy, Sensenoy, and Semangelof were angelic in their mercies to spare those children from the demons. Since the time of her reign, lesser known scribes have kept her legend alive by writing of her escapades in graphic novels filled with Midnight Sons.

The Writer’s legend was known to all. She was the mother of Pure Thought. Although Lilith’s children had not survived, Cain, Abel and Seth had grown to adult hood.  Scriveners had written that Cain was visited by Lilith in the dead of night which drove him mad with envy over his brother’s prosperity. The Writer knew this was vengeance and this is the day she would have her own. Taunting Lilith by reminding her, Adam was a Philistine and not very intelligent only angered her more. It rubbed Lilith raw in the thoughts of Eve forcing Adam from his rightful home into a life of servitude among the masses. Her man was almost a God until he was ribbed by this woman who had him ousted from Eden and forced into a life of goat herder.

Mephistopheles knew their history and was waiting for the two old enemies to destroy each other so he would have a clear play for the Reader.

The Reader took on a fighting stance ready to challenge the Devil himself and Stoph pounced but was hindered in midair.

A bookworm in Oklahoma had hit pause on their iPad.

The Reader was able to move out of the way.

In Poughkeepsie, on an almost dead Kindle Fire, Joshua, a young booklover turned the page and Stoph landed on empty ground.

The imagination of 30 year old Bibliophile in Khuala Lampur, gifted Sydney with martial arts skills unrivaled by most Kung Fu masters. The Reader spun, kicked high in the air, making contact with a shocked Mephistopheles, who landed with a thud on his back.

“I am not the weakling you assume me to be Stoph,” the Reader told him, only smiling when he added his final words before delivering a near fatal blow, “there are millions of Readers who keep me strong!”

Stoph realized quickly his window of opportunity was closing.  The Reader was transcending into a Scribe.