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    There are so many people who travel from all parts of the world to take a cruise, and you are about to climb aboard a vessel that is designed to allow you to have fun. There is of course a casino. Please note, the best time to gamble on the ships is the first night. The slots and machines have been loosened to allow you to win; after that, your odds have dipped significantly, time to head to over to the night club.

    On top of the night club, there are live shows, a comedy club, open buffets, and waited dining. There are pools, spas, saunas, hot tubs and areas where kids are not allowed. Let’s face it, this is an adult play date on steroids.  There are somethings that you need to know.  You can bring one bottle of wine aboard with you and a case of sodas per each person.  This can save you a great deal of moolah.


I do not recommend the buffet dining unless you are traveling with your family. Kids do not like to wait to be served so the buffet areas offer a vast array of menus from tacos, burgers, and salad bars. The drawback to eating at the buffets is if you are not traveling with kids, this will not be a pleasant experience for you. The dining rooms are designed for those of us who want to get away from the all you can eat troughs. There are areas of the ship where you can buy specialty foods like Sushi or a five course steak diner including an amuse bouche. I will come back and cover the food in more detail.


When the ship docks, many times new artists come aboard. The nightly shows and comedy acts do vary, so please take a moment to watch the shows. The comedy acts are family friendly (early show) and truly adult (later shows). The live shows are colorful and include song and dance. The production is pretty good considering the stage is rocking.

The acts are actually pretty good.


Please get to know the staff that has been assigned to take care of you. These guys work extremely hard and are often at sea six months out of the year. If your kids are destroying your room, and someone has to clean it, please keep in mind that many of the staff has not had a day off in a while. Yes it is their job to clean, but seriously; don’t be an ignorant, lazy ass American. When the ship arrives back at your US port, as we are exiting the bottom of the ship, a new group of people are boarding at the top.

Gift Shops

Once you hit open sea, or international waters, the gift shops open and everything is duty free. Please price compare and consider the items you are buying. There are great buys on alcohol and if you are driving, you can really rack up, but make wise choices. A great number of people take this opportunity to purchase diamonds, gemstones and exclusive items you can only get in the Caribbean. These Parazul bags are a prime example. They are made in the USA but you can only buy them in the Caribbean. Most ships come with a professional shopper that will help you find the perfect gift. Again spend your money wisely.


The most important thing about your cruise vacation is your room. We took our first cruise almost ten years ago. We were excited to just be on board. Our room was in the butt crack of the ship, our son was 10, and we didn’t really plan to hang out on the ship. My second cruise, I went with some girlfriends. We had a port window, but we were not planning to be on the ship or in the rooms. This past cruise, I said “screw that!” and paid the extra for a room with a balcony. We sat out at night, we sunned in the day time, we had drinks and often in the privacy of our room.

    More importantly, my husband and I had time to just be alone and enjoy each other.

No lines, no crowds, no rush.

We are on vacation.

I will delve into these topics in more detail, but stay tuned up next, shore excursions.

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