The Road I Travel

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                There are times in life when you stop, stand and scrunch your face while wondering where in the bleep you are going. Some days and ways along my journey, I have asked myself am I where I am supposed to be.  Today, I received a confirmation that I am.

                It is that time in the quarter where we are hitting the end of the course and students begin to turn in their final projects. One of my favorite classes to teach is Contemporary Literature. At the end of each quarter, I have the students to write a five page short story in any genre as their final. This short story covers the elements of literature and is presented in a reader’s theater format. 

I take great pleasure in introducing each student as if they are authors at a writer’s conference. The class treats each classmate as if they are fans of the student’s work, and each student reads a five minute excerpt from their short stories.

Today I was humbled by what I was getting back from the students. I wasn’t certain if I was actually getting through, or if they even understood the concepts. I am floored by what I have heard and even more pleased with what I am reading.

The road I travel is filled with words.  I take with me words to make me feel great, words to express my joy, words to express victory.  I have some new words that I expressed today and those words are happiness and elation. I am both of these words because today, I know without any uncertainty, that I am where I am supposed to be.

I am an educator.