Self-Talking to Sucess

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I have come to the harsh realization that some people are not happy not matter what. It does not matter if they have a good schedule on the job, the job still doesn’t pay enough.  It doesn’t matter if they are respected and revered by their co-workers; everyone wants to dump their work on “me”. I have found that it doesn’t matter, they are unhappy.

During a recent training session, our guide in the learning exercise talked to us about self- talk.  Self-talk are those positive words that we say to ourselves to get us through sticky moments.  You know, like the first time you were on a roller coaster and truly learned to pray. Or the time when you almost when to jail and even though you told yourself you were talking to Jesus, you really were just giving yourself a friendly reminder to never do this shit again. Those moments are called self-talk, positive thoughts in positive situations.

When you think positive thoughts, positive things happen.  When you speak positive words, you think positive thoughts.  If you need some help with either, there is an app for that. Ironically, sometimes we need some help.  Our inner children have been disappointed and we get hurt. Instead of dealing with the disappointment, we become unhappy and blame others for our maladies. This disappointment can turn you into a Bitch; a mean, surly, and angry one that no one likes.  Never fear, there is a cure.

When you arise in the morning, be thankful that you woke up, somewhere in the world, someone else, did not. When you look in the mirror, say hello to that face, tell that face you like it and are glad to see it.  There are soldiers returning from Afghanistan that are only coming back with half of their faces. These soldiers get to relive that nightmare for the rest of their lives thinking, if I had just moved two steps to the left instead of two steps to the right.

Today, I want you to recall one good thing that happened to you last week.  Now I want you to play for one good thing that is going to happen next week. Now give yourself some love, go ahead, wrap your arms around yourself and thank your vessel for still being able to carry your soul. Go get your vessel a cookie, because both of you deserve it. Because you will never perform at the level of your potential, you can only perform at the level of your beliefs.  You have to be happy or at least moderately content to do either.

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