I’m a Frickin’ Lady!

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    Yesterday I went shopping with my god friend as we looked for potential items for our upcoming cruise. I have plenty of clothing to wear, so I was actually looking for a pair of navy slacks for work. I knew what I came for, but in good spirit, I listened to her suggestions. We tried on dresses. We tried on shorts, we tried on tees. Please allow me to clarify my stance before we go any further. My work clothing is very conservative. My leisurely clothing is very conservative. I seldom wear loud colors and deep cut blouses, because I am a frickin’ lady.

    Everything she picked up or picked out for me looked like something from a video of MILFs gone wild. I do like color, in moderation. I don’t wear tons of colors because I don’t want to scream, “look at me!” There is a time and a place, but I would never in my wildest dreams wear anything that I feel would be an embarrassment to my son or to my husband. Maybe it was just the way I was raised. Maybe deep inside of me, I have always been a woman who wanted to be respected for my mind and to comport myself in manner that my standards would not be questioned.

    I cannot help but question the motifs of a woman over 45 who wants her cleavage to show. Those boobs are old and moving towards becoming full of dust, who are you trying to tempt? I am not ashamed of my body and take pride in my appearance, but I can do that in flattering colors, suitable patterns and dresses that are appropriate for my age.

I still live by the rules taught by my mother; if it will embarrass you if I found out, then don’t do it. I hold those words dear and taught the same rule to my son. There has to be a standard. I am holding to mine because I’m a frickin’ lady!