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Could not have said it better myself, however, I never watch any of this crap.

Grey & Sunshine

10. How I Met Your Mother

WHY do people love this show?

How is this show still on the air?


It hasn’t been good since, what, season three? Maybe four?

Oh, look how cute Lily and Marshall are! Seriously, Jason Segel, why are you still doing this shitty show?

And there really is only so much of Barney’s ridiculously over-the-top womanizing that one can take. It’s not funny. It’s annoying and rather worrisome. Why is Neil Patrick Harris’ talent being wasted on this.

9. Gossip Girl

Simply awful storylines. Extremely weak female characters, valued primarily as sexual objects.

Great fashion. That’s it.

8. 90210

I can’t even.

So bad.

The acting is shit.

The writing is shit.

It’s all one big steaming pile.

7. Are You There, Chelsea?

It’s so sad that this came from the brain of Chelsea Handler, whom I love immensely.

Extremely annoying and contrived secondary…

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