New Year, New You!

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The New Year is right around the corner and I am trying to do way too much. I want to make sure my house is clean, my bank accounts are correct and I don’t have things all over my house. My family always told me that if you are broke when the New Year comes in, then you will be broke all year. The same goes for a dirty house, dirty laundry and personal chaos. If you start the year with so much out of order, you can never get back in sync. I want to be in sync. I am ready to get started before the year comes in, I want to make sure everything is in order to take the old year out.

    My first stop finding new ways to be a better me is to find new ways to save money. These are my special sites for the New Year:


    Next step on my list is to lose some weight without dieting. I am just going to eat my age. I am not going to eat things that my old body can no longer process. I do love French fries but really, I should not eat them. I should be past refined sugars, but I must be realistic, I will take this a step at a time. I will drink more water and eat different types of vegetables to shock my system; lots of leafy green vegetables.

    Third, I am going to clean out my pantry. I am going to get rid of the boxed rice dishes and buy some brown rice and add some spice. Hey I watch the Food Network. I am going to get rid of those items in the back of the pantry that I am not going to eat. I am going to read up on expiration dates to make sure I rid myself of food that may be still okay, but again, I can donate.

    Last and not least, I am going to read more. I don’t care if it is on a Nook, Kindle, Cruz or check it out from my local library. I am getting off the computer, some, and I am going to read. I am going to invite my girlfriends over and make them read to, but 2012 is going to make a better me. I am going to be better because I am going to try harder to do better and make better choices. I am thereby guaranteed a better year.

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