Smothered & Scattered w/ Burt’s Chili

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         Southerners are very picky about their food. There are certain items that have to be fried and other items that are just plain Southern. Southern cuisine is often cherished, craved and fondly regarded. Vacations and trips to the south also includes a stop at a local favorite, the Waffle House.
Once you cross the Mason Dixon line, you know you have entered the South because you start to see the familiar yellow signs. Now don’t get the Waffle House confused with the Huddle House, or any other waffle shack. There is no confusing this southern icon.
Late night partiers, early morning diners, and people who are just in the mood for a waffle, often pop in, and say, “Howdy!” Hubby and I love to head in for the $5 breakfast special of a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, with hash browns, a small orange juice and a coffee. We often say we want to be adventurous and try the hash browns different ways. You can get your hash browns scattered, smothered or covered in everything from onions, cheese, and gravy or ham chunks.
If you are not into the whole waffle thing, you can try some of Bert’s chili, a steak, or even some of Walt’s soup. The Waffle House also is a great place to start a career If you have not tasted or tried the Waffle House, here is your chance. For a limited time, you can get a free Waffle.

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