Old People Are Bullies

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           Yesterday, I was blessed by my friends to check out the dinner theater on Fort Gordon.  If you have not had the opportunity to see a show, please take the time to get out and support local artists and small theater production.  However, I think attending this event on a Saturday night was a mistake.  I am uncertain if it was senior’s night or someone just unloaded the wagon from Shady Acres retirement home, but one thing I do know, old people are scary.

            Please don’t misunderstand; I have nothing against the elderly.  I do not advocate elderly abuse, death panels or any reason whatsoever to mistreat another human being, but again, old people are scary and bullies. One octogenarian is not bad, 75 of them, Good Lord, I can still smell the moth balls and Ben Gay! For some reason, the ceremonial dousing of Old Spice or Estee Lauder Youth Dew, does not help the situation.

We entered the lobby on a semi cool evening and there was a big gap in the middle of the floor.  We filled the gap, unbeknownst to us that the gap was caused by two lines; two lines of cranky seniors. When the last of our party joined us, some lady, began to chastise us about breaking the line. It was dinner theater, all of the food at the buffet is mediocre, and I politely told her so, and even added, “there’s plenty to go around.” She frowned, made rude comments to her equally cranky spouse, and honestly, it just left a bad taste in my mouth that replaced the twinge of Estee Lauder I was munching on. I think as I turned, they shot me the bird.

            One the other side, behind me, were Red Hats and what appeared to be survivors of the Holocaust. For some reason they just kept blocking our way.  We had reservations and a corporate table, and finally, one of them got smart and said, “Oh, you are with the group?” Only with this acknowledgement were we allowed to move through the line. Inside was even worse. It did not matter which line we were in, they would just push and shove their way in line, at the bar, at the buffet and even in the bathroom.

I understand you have earned certain privileges and I am going to honor and give you the respect due your age, but old people are bullies. Just because I have not lost all the pigmentation in my hair does not mean that I am stupid.  I understand you may have grown up in a time where some who looked like me was not allowed to sit and eat with someone that looked like you, but that was 45 years ago. The same can be said in reverse, you cannot hate an entire race of people based on some incidents in history. Here’s a hint, it wasn’t the entire race, but a few people.

            I also know that I cannot be afraid of an entire group of people based on one horrid smell, Ben Gay. And just to be perfectly clear, being old does not give you the right to be a bully. I am honored by your wisdom, but it does not necessarily mean that you are right. You instilled home training in your children and respect, can you display some of your own? Let us also be honest, if you are that far along in age, shouldn’t you be more concerned with being nicer to people to ensure your conversation with St. Peter is filled with the positive?