I Tweet Therefore I Am

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16 JuLY 2011

by Cheryl Corbin

I wear many shirts, hats, and titles. I willingly admit to be being an avid blogger, an author, a foodie, a mother, a smart aleck, and many other titles. I wear the titles with pride an often will change hats to make sure I am properly attired to address each role. I don’t really have to change clothing to be wear my newest title, just change my shirt. My newest favorite comfy shirt carries a ridiculous light blue T and gets me all a flutter.  I am talking about the subtle art of Tweeting.

            As a Tweeter, I can be all of those things listed above and only wear one hat, one shirt, and the proud handle of @Assistingu.  The main drawback is that I can only say what I must  in 170 characters or less. Think about it, how succinct must you be to make your point? Here’s the beauty, I can express my own opinion or just copy or retweet what someone else has stated.


Liberals don’t like #MichelleBachman or #SaraPalin because they have breast, they don’t like them because they are boobs. – @billmaher


As a Tweeter, there are of course rules. There is an imaginary line.  You can agree, you can disagree, or you can follow a trending topic that is usually in red letters marked with a #hashtag. The responses are completed in real time. I know, it’s a lot isn’t it? Actually no it is not.  Let’s say for instance you are interested in saving money and deals and steals. Search using the word deals or the word coupon.  A list will appear of the most active Tweeters on these subjects. You can follow these groups or individuals for on the spot information in your city, town or across the country. There are all sorts of Tweeters who offer ways to #savemoney. You just have to follow and see who is giving you something relevant and who is just mouthing off.

I like to mouth off on the go.  I have attached my Foursquare account to my Twitter account so when I check in, or check out, I can leave comments about great service, good food, or hot tips on local events or businesses. Recently, while I was in Puerto Rico exploring Old San Juan, I was checking in, finding deals and Tweeting as I walked.  I received 4 invitations to visit restaurants and businesses.

My newest mission is to acquire 20, 000 followers by the Holidays. I am only off by 15, 500. Shut up, we all need a personal goal, this one just happens to be mine. I invite you to join the revolution. Join the Twitter nation. Join me on my quest. Line up, link up and send me a message when you have made the connection; just make sure it is 170 characters or less.