Quilting and Tough Economic Times

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In tough ecomomic times, butter and eggs were a source of income for many families. Butter and egg money, made from the excess milk from the family’s cows and eggs that could not be consumed, were sold to buy fabric to make children clothes. The scrap pieces of material were sewn together to make extra bedding and balnkets for the cold winter months, pinics, and extra pallets for guests.

This ecomony has impacted us all and I fear the worst is still yet to come, and although we are seeing Americans tighten their belts, and cutback on wasteful spending, women are going back to traditional homemaking. Besides, who wants to pay $4 for a cup of coffee when you can brew your own pot, and have friends over to catch up while creating something beautiful?

The time I used to spend at the spa (deep sigh, tear slowly trickles down the corner of my eye) and weekend getaways with the girls are now spent sitting in my home, and creating hand made items to beautify it.

Although, times have not gotten so tough that I need to buy a cow and purchase some egg laying hens, I do have to tighten my belt and spend wisely on the items that I need. I am starting at t-shirt quilt for my son when he goes off to college, taking his old t-shirts to make it into a quilt of all his past activities, so that he will have a daily remainder of a well spent child hood. This saves me money on fabric , new bedding for his college dorm room, as well as recycling the old t-shirts. I will be sure to share a final picture of the project once it is finished.

Now, tell me what are you doing in these tough times to make a difference in your family’s income?

2 thoughts on “Quilting and Tough Economic Times

    Nikki Beaumont said:
    April 30, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    Hey, Augusta!

    I just found your blog while researching the term “butter and egg money”. Yes, the economy is making me rethink everything. I love the idea of making a quilt of your son’s t-shirts. That will be a treasure for him always!

    I have never gardened. Now I have a few tomato plants and plan on learning how to can if I have a bumper crop. I have usually taken my daughter on expensive outings for entertainment. Now we are hiking in our state parks and visiting local monuments, learning to appreciate our beautiful state. I joined a site that teaches about organic living and am enjoying the camaraderie and wisdom of many like-minded women. (maryjanesfarm.com) I have to say that this economic strain might be the kick in the pants that everyone needed to wake-up and fully enjoy REAL life.

    Regards, Nikki

      assistaugusta said:
      May 1, 2009 at 12:19 am

      I like your train of thought! Keep me posted as you rediscover what makes America so great!

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